Wow.  It has been about two and a half years since my last blog post. Sometimes life takes over and rocks you around a bit. I thought about deleting this website, but when I looked back at my posts and compared them to who I am today it brings me happiness. Life is a journey, and discovering passions and purpose is a journey too.  A lot has changed with me, and my art, so I am going to touch VERY briefly on what happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

What Happened

  • Rediscovered watercolor and ink mediums
  • Created a ton of nerd art (mostly Star Wars) digitally and with watercolors
  • Went to Hawaii with my friends for a week (woot!)
  • Did a few art shows with the nerd art and pretty lady art
  • Met the love of my life
  • Stopped all of the above around April 2018 because my mom’s cancer went terminal
  • Took care of my mom who passed away in August 2018
  • Respite – time to mourn, find happiness again, spend time with my love
  • October to December 2018 Harvest Festival art shows featuring storybook watercolors
  • Lost my grandfather and my little fur baby love, Maximus (what a wonderful cat)
  • Developed a new style of artwork using ink, watercolor, crepe paper, and crystals
  • January 2019 JOB HUNTING because BILLS and DEBT
  • Hired at Manresa March 2019 to June 2019
  • Hired at Lisa’s Tea Treasures June 2019
  • Moved to a happy home October 2019
  • Debt free in January 2020! Finally!  Woot!
  • Realized that I need to pursue art, and took a leap of faith to open Art With Erika
  • Resigned at Lisa’s Tea Treasures January 2020
  • Received Life Coach Certification February 2020
  • Set up Art With Erika website

What is Happening

Everything happens for a reason. I believe it. I am the queen of pursuing dreams and burying them, and I think it is for the ultimate good. I am more than good at a lot of different things, and having an array of talents and skills made life complicated sometimes because I never really knew what I wanted to do. Now that I had tested different careers and paths and tossed them aside, I feel like I am focused. I have found a formula for what will work for me, and what I love to do, and what I can give back. (The latter being the most important)

I am currently pursuing art full time. This might change, and it might not, depending on how sales rack up over the next few months. I am trying to enjoy the process as much as possible.  My website is up and running, I updated my blog, I updated Instagram and Facebook, I am getting all of my ducks in a row. NOW, I can sit down and actually DO art!

What Will Happen

Art With Erika has started. It’s out in the open, it is lovely, and it is a small dip into a collection of whimsical art that I want to dive in to. I am signed up to participate in a few local shows. Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell will be a primary spot to take a look at art prints and cards and make purchases if you want to buy something in person as opposed to my online store. I am very proud of what has happened in the last month, and I am excited to share more with all of you in the future as things progress.

Aside from the art itself, I have become a certified life coach, and am working on getting a master’s certification, so that I might be able to help people find their own artistic purpose. But, details with all of this will come a little later. Art classes and training will probably be offered at some point too.

I also started dabbling in writing, again. Whether or not I will share my poetry openly has not been decided, but it is out there on instagram somewhere if you want to find it.

My focus is ultimately on contentment and positivity. I believe that there is a silver lining with every situation. I do think that sometimes we have to look at dark things and dive deep in order to appreciate what we have in front of us, so that we can move forward. But no one should have to sit in the dark for a long time.

This blog will serve as a home base for all of the activities that I dabble in. I will be updating it periodically with personal dark art projects, personal insights and stories, and things that matter to me most. Not all of this is great for happy whimsical watercolor marketing on Facebook or Instagram, but I wanted the flexibility to help people on a deeper level and in a raw human way, by sharing my own experiences and giving perspective on different topics. I hope you will come back often if this blog speaks to you. If not, I’ll see you on the light and happy side of the Art With Erika platform.