Erika is the owner and artist behind Art With Erika. She is a happy whimsical storybook watercolor artist who is inspired by tiny things, afternoon tea, the arts, animals, and sparkles…most of the time. This blog is a much deeper insight to her background story, and her evolution to become the artist that she is today.

Aside from her eclectic painting and artistic background, she also has a love of writing, and believes that her passion for art is linked to her purpose, which is ultimately helping people. She is a certified master life coach with an emphasis on purposeful art and life story. She believes that everyone has a helpful message to offer the world and that art is an incredible vessel to use for its expression. Anyone can create with purpose, and everyone should.

Life can throw a ton of lemons at you, but ultimately it is a good thing. When Erika started this blog, she dabbled in every kind of art and medium from food, to tie dye, to abstract acrylic.  This website is a testament to her rocky journey through her life, through her art evolution, and through many an awakenings spiritually, physically, and psychologically. The Art With Erika blog is a stomping ground for all of the forms that her art takes, and a place where they can collide together to give insight to the happiness that comes from breaking, shattering, and being pieced together again into something better. She believes that every situation has a silver lining.

Erika is a San Jose and Campbell artist, in California. Although she works primarily in watercolor and ink, she also loves digital painting, dark art, psychology, and poetry.

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